Miniature Inertial Shaker System

The K2002E01 Miniature Electrodynamic Inertial Shaker System consists of a compact and lightweight 2002E inertial force generator, along with a compact 2000E mini amplifier. The shaker system is well-suited for structural testing as well as a variety of general vibration testing applications particularly in small, confined locations.


  • Compact size allows easy set-up for difficult-to-access locations
  • 2 lbf (9 N) sine force excitation, stack them up (or add cooling) for doubling force
  • Direct mounting requires no special fixturing support or manual alignment
  • In-line fuse for overcurrent protection.
  • Wide frequency range from 20 Hz to 3000 Hz
  • Compatible with piezoelectric force transducers and shaker amplifiers