Portable 1g Handheld Shaker Model 394C06

Model 394C06 handheld shaker is a small, self-contained, battery powered, vibration exciter specifically designed to conveniently verify accelerometer and vibration system performance. It accepts sensors up to 210 grams* in weight and delivers a controlled, 1 G mechanical excitation. Ideal for conducting on-the-spot sensor sensitivity checks, identifing channels for multi-point data acquisition, performing end-to-end system troubleshooting, and confirming system gain settings. *Total weight including mounting hardware and cable influence


  • Provides mechanical excitation at 1 g rms or 1 g pk
  • Fixed, 159.2 Hz frequency
  • Powered by four “AA” alkaline batteries (included)
  • Automatic shut-off for continuous operation
  • Mechanical stops protect from overload
  • Optional AC power adaptor (Model 073A16)
  • Alternate Metric Model (M394C06) offers 10 m/sec2 excitation