Precision Air Bearing Calibration Shaker

High Frequency Exciter System

Model K394B30 & K394B31

The Model K394B30/B31 Calibration Shaker System Air Bearing Shaker represents a new level of performance in calibration grade shakers.  The K394B30/B31 continues the award winning PCB Group tradition of providing superior performance characteristics and ease of use while offering exceptional value and simplicity.  A graphite air bearing combined with an ultra-stiff lightweight armature essentially eliminates transverse motion that plagues traditional flexure based shaker armature suspension systems.

The shakers were specifically designed for use in the demanding environment of high volume, production comparison accelerometer calibration systems such as The Modal Shop’s Model 9155 Accelerometer Calibration Workstation.

  • Graphite air bearing effectively eliminates transverse motion.
  • Lorentz force coil lifting mechanism greatly improves calibration throughput.
  • Easily adjusts to calibrate a wide range of sensor sizes.
  • Rugged design handles day-to-day production use.
  • 70 kHz mounted resonance of reference provides linearity through a large frequency range.
  • Lightweight beryllium mounting provides unsurpassed accuracy.
  • 10 mm usable stroke allows for great acceleration at low frequencies.